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Finding something you are passionate about doing isn't always easy. We are always asked growing up what we want to be and as time changes so do our answers. The only consistency along the way has been my passion for reading, and through this blog I hope to nurture and inspire other readers.

I graduated from college with a degree in marketing and a minor in communications, but quickly discovered while I enjoyed working in marketing I wanted something that would challenge me more creatively. I then began my journey into the publishing world working for a literary agent, which ultimately brought me to blogging.

The purpose of my blog is to connect with other readers and share literary works that I am extremely passionate about, and sometimes not so passionate about. My ultimately goal is to help readers on the hunt for the next best book and through my blog I hope to achieve that.


Reviews will be judged by the following three criterias on a scale of 1 to 5:

  1. Overall story behind the book. Is it original and compelling, does it offer a fresh spin on an old story, etc.

  2. Does the reader connect with the character on an emotional level? How emotionally invested are you as you read?

  3. Would you recommend the book?

At the end of the review I will also recommend potential books that you might enjoy if you liked the book being discussed.


I cannot promise I will love every book or that you as a reader will agree with my opinions, but I can promise that I will put my heart and soul into every post and review that is submitted with the slight hint of sarcasm to keep things entertaining. After all were all in this together, so once again WELCOME BOOK HUNTERS!

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