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The Gilded Wolves

By Roshani Chokshi

Wolves were everywhere.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5



A secret organization known as the Order is tasked with the protection and secrecy of ancient forged artifacts. Severin was promised the title of patriarch of his family house, but after being cast aside as an outsider he plots his revenge on earning his back his title. When a group of misfit treasure hunters led by Severin ban together against the Order for a common purpose. Together they will save Paris from certain doom and perhaps find the answers they are all individually searching for.


Original Story? Sorta Kinda

The magical aspect of forged objects and a secret organization in charge of keeping the balance of power offered a somewhat new approach to a heist. I got a somewhat similar vibe as the Six of Crows books with a group of misfits all bound together by a heist in order to accomplish their desired goals.


Emotional Investment? Not Really

This book had a ton of potential with amazing characters and a developing relationship to entice the reader. I think the constant change of narrators throughout the story made it difficult for the reader to become invested in the outcome. I found the part I enjoyed the most of this book was the budding relationship between Severin and Leila and there just wasn't enough on that with the author trying to include the rest of the cast's voices.


The Down & Dirty Details...


  1. An amazing setting and use of imagery by the author that really makes you feel like you're within the book and transported to 1889 Paris.

  2. Liked the multiple narrators for the purpose that it gave the reader further glimpses into their lives and motivators.


  1. The multiple narrators is hard to effectively execute in a book and I found in this particular situation it doesn't allow you to fall in love with all of the characters and was very distracting from the characters you actually wanted to know more about. I think this book would have been better with just two.

  2. THE ENDING! I was not a fan at all! People are struck with grief and it changes the banter between the characters which was one of the best parts. The forbidden lust/love between Severin and Leila also changes and it leaves it unresloved and hanging but not in a way that made me want more.


Would I recommend it? Maybe.. totally dependent on what you like

I personally don't think I would have read this book if it didn't come in my Owlcrate box. I was also a little disappointed by this book for a couple of reasons and for me personally the pros did not outweigh the cons. I don't typically like multiple narrators for stories and think this could have been better with just two or three tops. I felt like as a reader I missed out on more going on between the characters I really enjoyed because of hearing about the minor characters. The ending to me didn't feel like it belonged and felt forced, and while there was a little bit of a cliffhanger that might entice me to read the next one I can honestly say I will probably not be pre-ordering the book and I will be waiting on the reviews from others before purchasing the second book. This book is for people who like varying narrators and suspense and learning more about all characters instead of your favorite few. For readers who are intrigued by treasure heists and vigilantes trying to right wrongs with just a tiny bit of love between characters who will deny it all the way.

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