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An Anonymous Girl

An Anonymous Girl Review
An Anonymous Girl Review

Rating: 4 out of 5



Jessica is a girl living in her late twenties living in New York and trying to make a name for herself in the makeup world. She is the epitome of an anonymous girl in a city filled with almost nine million people. Jessica has her fair share of secrets and when she sneaks her way into a NYU research study about morality she is forced to face her dark past while becoming deeper involved in the tangled web of the psychiatrist who is conducting the study. When things take a turn for the worse Jess is found fighting for not only her life as she knows it in New York, but her last living breath as well, but she might not be able to come out of this one unscathed.


Original Story? Yes

The story was compelling and lead the reader to constantly stay guessing along with the main character who was to blame and who you should believe. The idea of involving a psychiatrist conducting a morality study only to lead to the less several less than moral situations by the many narrators offered an interesting approach.


Emotional Investment? Yes

The plot and the constant switching of views led to an exceptional investment by the reader on how the story will turn out for the main character. There was several parts within this book that I found myself yelling at the main character like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!". I also found myself hoping that she would get out and everything would be okay so in my opinion I believe the authors did an exceptional job in the character development making the main characters very relatable and enticing to the audience.


The Down & Dirty Details...


  1. Strong main characters with exceptional character development

  2. An enticing and original plot that kept the reader on their toes


  1. Switching perspectives that were never announced to the audience

  2. A narrator that you just find yourself hating


Would I recommend it? Yes

The plot was enticing enough to keep the reader powering through the cons of this book. I found the character development and emotional investment that the reader gains throughout each chapter led me to quickly turn through the pages. My major issue with this novel is the switching perspectives without announcing the change in narrator. There were several chapters that were hard to identify who was truly talking until several chapters in which I found rather annoying as a reader. As a reader I also found myself hating one of the main characters maybe a little too much, because it made me want to speed through her chapters to get them over with and then pace myself with the other narrators chapters to compensate. Overall I found this an entertaining and suspenseful read and would recommend this book.

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